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My Coaching Story

Battle Scarred. Driven. Reassuring.

The passion I have for helping men throughout the Tampa area, comes from the personal experience of failures in my life. I have tried to live a life that pleased me for so many years and found myself face down and my only choice is to look up.  I have experienced failed marriages, near death experiences, and  suffered from my bouts of addictions. I learned one thing; It doesn't work without God. 


I have an opportunity everyday to help men come out of from hiding and walk alongside them in their setbacks.  I can help you by identifying the root cause of your patterns in your life, so that you can overcome them with confidence.   I take great pride in the progress and success of my brothers, and look forward to helping you.

Click here to email me your story and begin your journey to healing. 

Image by nikko macaspac

It took courage for you to click on this site and the fear you have right now is that if someone (wife, girlfriend, children, work, boss, church, family, acquaintances) finds out your story, you are done for.  Right about now, you're heart is racing, you feel sick to your stomach and fearing being exposed, embarrassment, shame, guilt that comes with what you are experiencing.  The addiction (pornography, alcohol, food, shopping, fetishes, lust, smoking, gambling, hoarding, cutting, harming yourself, drugs, you name it), abusive tendencies, rage, pretending, hiding, sarcasm, and fear has got you spiralling out of control and you have hit rock bottom. 


You are here because you feel you have no way out, you are at a dead end or you want to be talked off the ledge. You want to stop making excuses, receive accountability, you want to move head, and for the pain to stop.

You are in the right place.  This is a no nonsense, confidential, safe and secure place to share your most vulnerable hurts, and hang ups.  If this is you, and you want to find out how to stop coping and moving forward into healing and freedom, schedule your appointment today. Get on the road to victory.

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