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Recommended Books

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ESV Study Bible

First and foremost I recommend you get a Bible if you do not own one.  Just like products have instructions to show you how to put things together, so the Bible helps you put your life in order and how to live a life in an intimate relationship with God.  

This is a recommendation on the translation, and that it is a study bible that will help you dig deeper into the scripture and understand your relationship with God first and then everyone else in your life. No matter the style, color, or size of lettering, you can choose your style. 

Good  Morning Men of God.png

Good Morning, Men of God! - Patrick Wesley Wheeler, Melody Farrell 

Letters from the heart of pastor, written to the men he served, mentored, and discipled, and to all those who continue to follow the way of Jesus.

Join Pastor Patrick on a journey of reflection and encouragement as he shares his struggles and victories in the faith. Each of his 80 letters contains a scripture, a meditation, and a prayer for the day, helping Men of God to begin their mornings with hearts focused on the One who brings strength, peace, guidance, and hope.

Pastor Patrick began his work in outreach ministry as a young boy, riding the church van with his father, transporting parishioners from local neighborhoods to church services. As a teen, alongside his parents, Patrick volunteered for various food distribution and tutoring services in at risk neighborhoods.

While obtaining his Bachelor's in Business Administration from Florida A&M University, Patrick answered the call to pastoral ministry at the age of 19. In 2020, He and his wife Keisha graduated together with their Master's in Biblical Counseling from Luther Rice College & Seminary. Over the course of the last 18 years, Patrick organized, spearheaded, and held positions in various churches and non-profit organizations in Alabama and Florida while also progressing in his career field of business and logistics.

He lived as a doting and hard-working family man, a friend to all, and leader in the community. He had a wonderful sense of humor and was a light to all who knew him. His passion was in sharing the love and gospel of Jesus with anyone who would listen, and in helping those in need.
Patrick passed away suddenly at the age of 39, going on to join Jesus sooner than anyone expected. His legacy lives on through his wife of 16 years, Keisha, and their seven children, family, friends, and community of faith.

Melvin Carter Cross Roads.png

Cross Roads - Mel Carver

Melvin Carver was on his way to a successful career as an NFL running back when a leg injury sidelined him for a season. Shortly after his return to the field, a run-in with the owner of his team, Mr. Hugh Culverhouse of the Indianapolis Colts, placed Melvin in the doghouse--he was blackballed. A promising career was derailed in a moment, and the still-young Melvin had to re-examine his life and find a new career--and a whole new direction for his life.

Melvin Carver does not hold back in this candid story of his life. He shares that story in a gripping account that celebrates his accomplishments but also reveals his faults and shortcomings. Honesty is the hallmark of Melvin's philosophy--and of this book.

Masculine mandate.png

The Masculine Mandate - Richard D Phillips

What does it mean to be a man made in the image of God? And what does it mean to be a man under God’s grace, called according to His purpose? In The Masculine Mandate, Dr. Richard D. Phillips cuts through the cultural confusion, highlights God’s mandate for men, and encourages readers to join him on a journey of repentance and renewal. Phillips begins in the Garden of Eden, drawing foundational teaching for men in the earliest chapters of God’s Word. He provides clear biblical instruction for husbands, fathers, and sons as he carefully examines important truths from Scripture. Includes discussion questions suitable for small group study.

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