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 I understand that life’s toughest challenges, emotions and trauma can leave us stagnant and immovable. As a Mentor and Life Coach serving young ladies and women, I’m here to help you find the areas in your life that are keeping you from experiencing your full potential. If you’re feeling lost, unsure, confused, pressured or stressed, allow me to show you how to move forward in a mindful manner. Click the title above to book your first free session.

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 Rejection is the refusal of accepting, using, or believing someone or something.  It is the number one cause of disassociation.  Disassociation is a break in how your mind handles information. Many of us do not have a recollection of our early childhood years.  That's because we may have suffered emotional trauma which caused us to disconnect from the stress of the incident.  For example: A child is excited because mommy or daddy are home. As soon as the child sees the parent walk through the door, they immediately say, "Mommy, Mommy or Daddy, Daddy and the parent who is tired pushes the child and says, "Oh my goodness, just give me a minute to relax.  The child immediately feels the rejection and walks away or cries because for them it was traumatic.  The child disassociates by ignoring the parent, not talking, or become rebellious. It is an immediate disconnect.


Disassociation is a protective coping mechanism that allows the person to keep functioning in the day to day.  It can lasts for hours, days or even years.  If a person disassociates for a longtime, it can cause Dissociative disorder or Multiple personalities.  You will see this in children who live in a stressful home environment, inconsistent home environment, are abused, bullied, or in any unstable environment.


If you are parent who is experiencing this with your child, it doesn't make you a bad person. It might be that you had some unresolved trauma of your own and you didn't know how to handle it and you have been living with this anger, not knowing where it came from.  Guess what? There's help.  

Passionate Mentor & Life Coach

I have been working as a Mentor & Life Coach for over 6 years.  My passion to help women came from years of bondage and slavery to my hurtful and traumatic past.  The decisions I made in my life were from the pain and hurt I endured as a young woman.  Nothing could have prepared me for the journey I was on.  It wasn't until I got older that I began to seek help for my pain.  I had a yearning in my soul that there has to be more to this life that I was living.  I was correct in that, there was more. I received a knock on my heart and began to learn of a greater love that supersedes human love.  This love taught me of my worth and value.  That I was fearfully and wonderfully made. I have a purpose and that there is a plan for my life for good and not for harm.  I want to share with you my pain and hurt that brought me to my knees and the journey to find a loving Father who would heal me physically and help me move forward from my past mistakes.  Let my story help you take responsibility for your mistakes and allow me to lead you into your purpose for life. 

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Creating a community where men and women find encouragement, humor, strength, faith, hope, love and respect in their life. Empowering them to see their worth and value of who they are; helping them see their purpose because they are a Masterpiece of the One who purposed them to live a full and abundant life. Men & Women you are the image of the

Pearl of Great Price. THRIVE!

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Come into focus of your worth and value so that you may move forward out of your past, into the present and be ready for the future.  Empowering you to thrive in the life you were purposed for. 


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