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Empowering 2 Thrive is a Christian faith-based entity. We are a safe haven for  who anyone who wants to get unstuck, are searching for answers, need to release the deepest traumas and talk about the problems so that you can create a resolution and move ahead. We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God.  Jesus is God incarnate who came to take away the sins of the world. We believe that Jesus was crucified on the cross for our sins, died, and in 3 days resurrected from the grave to give us Salvation and Eternal life. We are here to help you get free.

Steve and I met in May of 2017 in a Church called Bell Shoals, in Apollo Beach, Florida in a Life Group. How we met and what God did in our lives is nothing short of a miracle.  I had moved to Florida in 2016 with my daughter, Sarah Ramos and my bible, journals and clothes.  My move would consist of helping my cousin take care of her parents, while I finishing to raise my daughter.  In May of 2017, my daughter would graduate High School and a celebration was planned.  My daughter asked me to invite Steve to her party and I was hesitant. I told her I would do no such thing and besides I did not have an invitation. To my surprise she whipped on out and said, go and invite him.  

After the Sunday service I mentioned to Steve that my daughter wanted to invite all the people who were praying for her in our life group to her graduation and he was very pleased that I asked and he said yes.  He called me to RSVP and a week later he showed up at the party with a bag of ice and a large fruit salad he put together. I was impressed.  During that week after the party, Steve and the men of our life group would be going to a Promise Keepers event and God put it heavily on my heart to pray for Steve and the men.  Well, little did I know what would come about that prayer.  

Steve was just divorced and in a bad place, so bad he wanted to go back to Ohio. He was packing it in. At the event he rededicated his life to Christ Jesus.  He was delivered from pornography addiction and began his new journey to be 40 days in the Word.  During that time, God would have me pray for my future husband, and I said to God, I'm content now, I don't want a husband.  But the Lord would have me pray for 21 days.  After the 21 days of prayer, God showed me that Steve would be my husband. However, I don't believe Steve knew, since he was not in a good place prior to Promise Keepers.  

That didn't seem to stop my friend Miriam from planning lunches and dinners at her house, which she says was open to all the single people in our life group, but for some reason only Steve and I showed up. Well, two weeks after the revelation from God, Steve would ask me out on a date. His chivalrous and kind spirit poked my heart and two weeks after that, we would be courting. We made a vow to God that we would remain abstinent during our courting because we wanted to honor God with our relationship and wait until we got married to have sexual relations. We had come out of very disheartening relationships of verbal and mental abuse.  Both of us lived with our spouses prior to marriage and we knew it didn't work without God. It was just like that, 9 months later we would be married on March 17, 2018.  

We have learned through our years of heartache and pain that the excuses we made in life only held us back from a purposeful life God intended for us as a married couple.  When we let go of our excuses, selfishness, and began out loving each other and taking responsibility for our poor decisions and actions, we were able to move forward into God's best life for us in our marriage.  We hope and pray that all who come to our page will want to move forward in God's best life. But even if you do not believe, we'd like you to experience the encouragement and truth about who your are and we'd like to fill your heart with hope.  

Steve and I are passionate for the Lord.  We have seen in our own lives that anything outside of God's will not work. Our passion to help dating couples, married couples, people looking to date, to face their past, heal from it and live an abundant life for Jesus. He brought us to become Warriors for Christ, Mentoring and Coaching single and couples into their purpose.  We love doing ministry together and want to help your relationship thrive.  We are each other's best friend, encouraging each other, and praying together and we'd like the same for you.  

It's time to see yourself in different light.  Jesus came to give us life, and to live it abundantly. 


Steve and Aileen Noall

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Steve & Aileen Noall

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