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What is life after all?

January 10, 2018


This morning I woke up to a beautiful reading shared on facebook by two friends. Part of me wants to leave as is, not say a word. The other part of me wants to explain why this writing resonates so much with me. 


While growing up jumping around from one country to another, though not always easy, I DO recall having a joyful and filling childhood. I loved my life, our family was tight, summers back here in Portugal were beyond spectacular. 


Though I also went through a few turbulences, all in all, it was a great childhood. When I started my "adult" life is when things changed. Society expects you to follow certain typical western paths and without even realizing you fall into those traps. Higher education, work, family life, and slowly but surely your personal days become shorter and shorter and you lose yourself. And you have no one to blame but you. 


Then, if you are lucky enough as I was, you get a wake up call, or perhaps it is a second chance at life. Yes.. I DID say lucky to have had cancer. Odd, you thing? Well... let me ask you, when was the last time you truthfully did a reality check?


What does your circle of life look like? Can you ruly say it is a perfect 180°?


I know mine was not prior to cancer. Actually apart from the nutrition and career aspect, mine was all over the spectrum. I had the most awkward star one could imagine. And I am not saying life is perfect today, far from it, but my focus is clear, my path is beautiful and I am living a fulfilled life. I help where I can, I enjoy every second I am given, I create memories and learned not to sweat the small things. If the kitchen is not clean prior to going to bed, so be it. If my younger daughter chooses "interesting clothing" to go to school, more power to her, if my older daughter calls me every hour she can, YEAH ME!!!


So, I am leaving you here with a gift. Give yourself the time to follow the instructions on the PDF. Check NOW how your circle of life is. Then work on the areas that need the work.


Need that extra push? I can help you.

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What is life after all?

January 10, 2018

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