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Health Prevention: it isn't only about what you eat!

October 8, 2017

 Can we fully prevent cancer or any other illness? The simple answer is no. But there is a lot we can do to minimize our chances. We also tend to be simplistic thinking that eating the right foods and being physically active is the answer.


Though those are great starters, we are not looking at the whole picture. Own health is so much more than what we place in your mouth or the amount of minutes we exercise. It is about our WHOLE self. Our primary and secondary foods are just as important.


So I leave you here with questions to ask yourself and help you start following your health goals:

  • Health

    • How healthy do you feel you are?

    • What does being healthy mean to you?

    • Do you force yourself to take care of you?

    • How much "ME" time do you have per day?

    • Do you feel that is enough?

    • How many hours do you sleep a night? 

    • Are they well rested hours?

  • Your Diet

    • Where does your food come from?

    • What diet plan are you following?

    • what is the ratio of plant-based to animal?

    • How often do you eat in compared to out of the home?

  • Your Physical Activity

    • What exercises are you following?

    • How many minutes per day?

    • What is the ratio of cardio/stretching/ strengthening?

  • Family & Relationships

    • Are you in a relationship?

    • How healthy is your relationship?

    • Do you have children?

    • How close are you to your family?

  • Social Life

    • Do you interact with family and friends often?

    • Do you entertain or go out?

    • How close are you to your friends?

    • Do you rely on them often?

  • Spirituality

    • Do you consider yourself spiritual?

    • Were you brought up with some sort of spiritual beliefs?

    • Do you follow an institutionalized spiritual belief?

  • Career

    • Are you currently working?

    • How happy are you at your job?

    • Does it fulfill you?

    • Are you feeling tired from it?

    • Would you change anything career-wise?

  • Finances

    • How do you feel about this topic?

    • Are you in control of your finances?

    • Do you stretch yourself thin?

  • Education

    • How important is education for you?

    • Do you keep on stimulate your mind?

    • If so, how?


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