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Questions to ask your General Practitioner

October 2, 2017

 Make sure to bring a notepad or even a tape recorder OR if someone comes with you, ask them to write everything down for you.

  • Do you know anything about the type of breast cancer I was diagnosed with?

  • Have you helped patients with similar cancer diagnosis?

  • Can you better explain / translate my prognosis?

  • What are the risk factors with this cancer?

  • What lifestyle changes would you recommend I make?

  • DO you know of any local support groups?

  • Should I do any further testing? Blood? genetic testing? MRI?

  • Do you recommend a genetic counselor? oncologist? breast surgeon? plastic surgeon?

  • Would you like to follow me through treatment? If so, how often?

  • I want to see a breast surgeon who has a proven track record with skin and nipple saving mastectomy. Can you help me find somebody?

  • Can I get references from former patients?

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