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PINKtober is here!

October 1, 2017

So what does that mean? Will you start seeing all the PINK propaganda all over for Breast Cancer awareness? Is this simply another marketing campaign for large corporations to make money? Well, no and yes.


I must say, prior to being diagnosed I was never into the pink color and now I wear it with pride. I wear it as a symbol of what I fought, I wear it as a sisterhood emblem, I wear it as a symbol of solidarity. 


What bothers me about this PINK month?

  • Certain organizations gaining from it

  • Marketing using young ladies boobs to talk about breast cancer

  • Marketing propaganda product giveaways are made of plastic and other harmful materials

So what can we do with all this misleading information? Whether or not you wear pink, that is totally up to you. I choose to, simply as a mental support as well as a way to start conversation with someone that I may be able to help, even if for her to start being more serious about checking herself.


You want to make a difference?

  • I always believe that best way to help is in your own backyard

  • Volunteer at a local infusion clinic

  • Make caps for survivors

  • Find local non-profit organizations that are helping survivors in your area

  • Make meals for people undergoing treatments

  • If you are a survivor, talk to all about your own journey, if you are not, still bring awareness and walk to talk!

This month I will fill my blog with information about breast cancer. I will share all I know as well as good links to read, questions to ask the doctors and so on. My way of dealing with PINKtober is by hopefully answering some questions to someone out there, while giving her hope that one day she will thrive.


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