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Vegan Feijoada

September 28, 2017


At first, this almost feels like an oxymoron. The Portuguese Feijoada is known for its meats. That is what truthfully flavors it. So, as I simply do not eat this way any longer, I was playing around as how to still have the feeling of the Feijoada, without all the meats and the fat content. 


I started looking into the fridge to look for hearty meaty .vegetables, such as zucchini, carrots and  turnips. So as I was looking through my fridge I ended up with these.


  • 1/2 cup of chopped red onion

  • 1 tablespoon of minced garlic

  • 1 cup of carrots

  • 1 cup of diced diced zucchini

  • 1 cup of diced turnip

  • 3 cups of cooked beans and its juices

  • 5 cups of vegetable stock

  • salt & pepper to teste

  • a bunch of cilantro

  • sauteed mushrooms as a side dish

  • brown rice as a side dish

  • sauteed broccolini as a side dish



  1. I started by warming the metal skillet on medium high and added a water drop to see if it would create a pearl. Once it did, I added the chopped red onions and let them sweat.

  2. I then added the carrots and the garlic. I stir for a while, until the carrots start to show a bit of tenderness

  3. I then added the vegan chourico sliced, though it actually tasted more like a farinheira. I that was cem porcento

  4. I proceeded to add the turnips and then finally the zucchini

  5. I added 2 cups of vegetable stock and turned the heat to a low simmer, then covered the skillet. I let it simmer for about 20 minutes

  6. I finally added the rest of the stock and the beans. I let it simmer another good 10 minutes, and tasted for salt and pepper, which it was in dire need of both.

  7. Again about 10 more minutes of simmering, so that all ingredients would start to better blend their tastes together.

  8. I decided to serve with sauteed mushrooms, broccolini and steamed brown rice.

The verdit? You certinaly cannot compare it to the tradicional Feijoada, but it was amazingly tasty and reminenscent of the tradiotional Portuguese feijoada.


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