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What to do with leftover vegetables?

September 21, 2017

Each time I am using vegetables, I make sure to keep all scraps, however small they are.  I place them in a freezer bag or container, then freeze them. Once I have a nice amount, I am ready to create a nice homemade stock. And here at the Quinta, I am amazingly lucky as the vegetables we grow are organic and full of freshness and of high quality. 


I never know how my stock will come out as it really depends what scraps I end up saving. This time the vegetable leftovers were from a plant-based "Feijoada" I made. Feijoada is a traditional Portuguese beans stew with sausages, and pieces of pork. Usually it is a very heavy meal and full of animal fat. I recall loving it, but today my body rejects this amount of animal fat. So I decided to try to make a similar plant-based version that you can check here.

The scraps I was able to use for the stock were, celery, garlic, onions, carrots, zucchini, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, and turnips.


INGREDIENTS (these are approximate measurements, as I never know how many leftover vegetables I have)

  • 1/2 cup of diced onions

  • 3 minced garlic cloves

  • 4 cups of cut up leftover vegetables

  • Enough water to fully cover the vegetables

  • Salt and pepper to taste


I started by warming the pot enough that when dropping a little water, a pearl would form. Then added some chopped up onions and let them sweat, without burning them, then went on to add chopped up garlic and celery. Finally I added all other chopped up ingredients and filled the pot with cold water. Once it started boiling, I lowered the temperature to a simmering stage, covered the pot and left it this way for about one hour.  


I tasted the broth and adjusted it with salt and pepper.  A good 20 more minutes simmering and my vegetable stock was ready. I strained it all, let it cool, then went on to freeze it, and always make sure to have some done for whenever I need it.





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