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A new life in a new/old country

September 14, 2017

I cannot believe it took me almost 3 months to finally start to blog again and talk about my new life. But prior to talking about it, let's go back into the past. 


When I moved to the States with my husband and older daughter, 18 years ago, our plans were to move back home, to Portugal around the time our daughter would reach high school. There were lots of reasons behind such. First, it would be a great way for her to get to appreciate both sides of her culture, get ready to enter an university here in Europe which is much cheaper than the States and we are fortunate to have great ones as well. Oddly enough, without any of us expecting, our older daughter ended up choosing to go to school in Spain, after being accepted to the College of Charleston. The second reason was to be able to spend quality time still with my aging parents. Unfortunately, my Mother passed away a little over 3 years, so did not have of a chance to be part of her life prior to her leaving us. 


Well, plans changed, lots happened but we finally made it back. We moved early June and have slowly been organizing our lives. Now many can say how lucky I am, what a wonderful place it is and so on. And indeed it is, but much as with any move, there are pros and cons. Is is not always that easy to come back home, or to suddenly live with an elder person. Though the rewards are still greater than otherwise. Also, I was fortunate to bring my job at USC with me. So most of my mornings now consist of taking care of the place, the farm, my father, or enjoying a few short hours at the beach with my daughters, then start working until 10pm. 

 So far the best moments have been seeing the two girls enjoying so much time together. The younger one has been thriving more than ever. The freedom kids here have, compared to the States in tremendous.  Soon she will be starting her journey at a local school and I cannot wait to see her keep on thriving, while the older one is back in Madrid following her passion and dancing her heart out! Love the fact she has had this amazing opportunity and that she decided to follow a path, most would frown upon as it is not your traditional way.






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