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April 26, 2017


For a while now, I have been meaning to write about life... It is amazing that sometimes one needs a BIG time wake up call, to go back to the roots. These past almost three years have been challenging, but in a fantastic way. Odd to say, but I am actually glad I went through this “fight”, learned what it takes to survive, but even more how to thrive.


At first when I received the news I had cancer, I became numb, then rushed to remove that “thing” out of me and went on the do chemo. I knew only too well the side effects of chemo, so I right away took upon myself to juice, learn all about how to cleanse my body, not only to remove the chemicals, as well as to nourish my body so to better withhold what chemo does to one’s body.


Once all treatments were done and all you hear is, go on with your life, only a survivor gets it that we can no longer just go on with our lives. A “light” or “switch” of sorts sparkles in us, and we do all we need to change, to actually enjoy life, to create memories and to live life the way we know we need to for our own sake, survival-ship and most importantly, to finally thrive.


This new lifestyle is very different from one thriver to another. But the one common denominator is the love for life, the wanting to create memories, the actually thinking of one-self. What once bothered you and ate you alive, no longer does. Your priorities in life change. You are the owner of your own life path. You are stronger than ever, you breath a fresher air, you look at life with a smile in your face.


That does not mean there are not days that are gloom or moments of scare, especially when you suddenly have a new odd pain somewhere in your body, or see one of your sisters departing from earth.


To me, it was a aha moment, and I keep on striving to be healthier, I realize that I am actually going back to a time in my life where I owned my self, where I was a health nut, where I worked out not only because it was good for me, but because I loved it, where I would blast latin music because I loved to dance and would make me smile. Where I was happy!

That Sofia who had been sort of lost for years and simply living life, that Sofia that I am sure everyone throughout my school years and part of my career life knew; is back, and is back full of hope, full of strength and full of love for life. Thriving! Thriving and dancing to latin music, thriving and enjoying a home filled with kids laughter, thriving an eating right, thriving and working out, thriving and living life. No plans for tomorrow, no worries what it will bring, simply enjoying today.


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