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A New Year

January 1, 2017


The start of a new year is a time where many decide to have a fresh in their lives. Some choose to start following a new fad diet, others join the local gym, etc. More often than not none of these resolutions are followed through after days, weeks or months. 


I too once fell into this trap. We think there is some magical potion with the beginning of the new year and as being a start of a new year, something will sparkle our mind to finally decide to follow a plan we have been wanting to. 


Unfortunately if we do not have the right support, we fall off the wagon rapidly. Whether we realize or not, having someone to be accountable for makes a world of difference.


When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, having had the local support of YSC helped me get through moments others, even close family would have never been able to help me with. That being simply being there for me, or talk extensively about life in general.


Throughout my certificate in holistic health coaching, we the students, were each others accountability coaches to make sure we would follow the classes, do our homework, practiced with other students and other people as well as be prepared for the exams. We learned to experiment what we were learning on ourselves to see what worked or did not, as we are all individuals and what may work for a person, may not for another.


Hence the reason I am not a fan of fad diets. I will never label myself as a vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian. I DO follow mostly a whole foods plant based diet, but do still eat some seafood from time to time. It works for me. Some of my clients are and will always be carnivores, though I do help and teach them how to incorporate more plants into their lifestyle.


The same goes for starting a workout regime. If we decide from one day to another to simply hit the local gym and go wild on the machines, chances are, we will get easily bored and will soon slack.  On the other hand if we have someone who will make us accountable, a personalized plan that works for our lifestyle, chances of failure diminish considerably.





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