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Have you ever wondered how we could partner? Well, how about contacting me as I am always open to meeting new like-minded people and healthy brands I may enjoy and help promote.

My Personal Recipes

Though it is amazingly flattering if you want to use a recipe of mine, I would appreciate if you would let me know ahead of time and always link back to me. ALso please do not copy any content on this site without my consent.

My Online Presence

If I ever tag and talk about a product or a brand, I do so because I really like it. I would never do it simply to be paid. I have to believe in it and... well of course like it!

Recipe Testing & Development

I have been testing and developing recipes for over a decade now. If you are ever in need of a Recipe Tester, feel free to contact me. Also as I am always in the process of developing new recipes and you have a brand/product you would like me to try, please contact me.

Designer & Online Marketer

Apart from being a certified holistic health coach and a recipe tester and developer, I am a designer and marketer. I especially like to work in the food, health and travel world as well as with small businesses. Feel free to contact me if you are ever in need of such services.

Focus Areas

General health coaching

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Elimination diets

Cancer survivors and thrivers

Teen and young adults

What is a Holistic Health Coach
My Cancer Journey

Holistic Health Coach for Survivors and Thrivers