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About Sofia

Who am I?

I am not only a survivor but a THRIVER. 

I am a wife, mom and enjoy various professional job titles, such as marketer, designer, recipe tester and developer, and health coach.

I am Portuguese and lived in various countries in Europe as well as a all over the U.S. I speak 4 languages and love all that has to do with culture, arts, languages, organic farming and living, traveling and health.

Why I became a Holistic Health Coach?

From the moment I heard those words, “you have cancer” I knew my life would forever change. Since, I have taken many steps to become a thriver. I simplified and uncluttered my life, I de-stressed myself, became a healthier cook and eater, and I enjoy today!

Unless you experience the fear of your own mortality, you cannot truly connect with, and understand someone going through something similar. I knew that my cancer journey, volunteering with a local cancer organization, previous cooking experience, interest in healthy lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition, would lead me to empower all types of survivors (not just cancer ones) to become thrivers. Each and every one of us needs that special help, that coach to get us started.


My life has evolved in many interesting ways throughout the years. Portuguese, born in Tunisia and lived in many countries throughout Europe. I came to the United States for college, and while studying architecture, I met my husband. Once college was done, we moved back to Portugal where we got married and had our first daughter, my little surprise, my dancer! Not long after, we moved back to the States where we have lived in various States. Nine years ago, I had my miracle daughter after being told I would no longer be able to have children.


Since I was a teenager, I was always interested in health, workout, exercise and general wellness. After trying various diets and wellness lifestyles throughout my life, I realized that one lifestyle does not fit all. Yet, somehow I allowed life to take over and I left that passion behind. It was when I was diagnosed with cancer that without even trying, that passion came back. Some refer to such a journey as a personal wake-up call, and I truly believe such. 


When I started my journey through cancer, I knew my call was to help others attain their personal health and wellness goals.



How can I help you?

I will complement, not replace your medical team by:

  • Take the time to learn about you as an individual

  • Address your personal needs

  • Help you start to achieve an effective plan to support you through:

    • Exercise

    • Healthy eating

    • Quality of life you deserve

    • Emotional, social & spiritual balance

Ready to book your FREE assessment?

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Focus Areas

General health coaching

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Elimination diets

Cancer survivors and thrivers

Teen and young adults

What is a Holistic Health Coach
My Cancer Journey

Holistic Health Coach for Survivors and Thrivers